The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
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I got show and tell, we have built a Zelda Majora's Mask and OOT page.

messageboard has been quite dead lately, so I just want to remind everyone that it is still there. Hundreds of members, thousands of posts, lots of fun, just not very much of that recently. So please head on over to our messageboard by clicking here, and post your brains out! On a side note, thanks to our affiliate Zelda Vortex for providing the ZGC Box Art I posted yesterday. Be sure to give them a visit sometime!

Zelda Gamecube Box art - Friday June 7th - By AnakiN-
This is a bit old, but I have been really busy lately, but I have posted a screenshot of what appears to be the official Zelda Gamecube box. What is strange is that there is no title, it only says 'The Legend of Zelda', just like the trailer did. Seems like a mystery for me. Anyways, you can view it by clicking here.

Kyu Sakaita speaks about Zelda - Sunday June 2nd - By AnakiN-
In a recent interview with Nintendophiles, Kyu Sakaita talked about Zelda Gamecube. Not much info we did not know already was confirmed, but he did confirm that the game goes to America for translation in December this year. This means it will be in the stores by February. Now for something we didn't already know, Sakaita said that the new game will have more than 30 side-quests! This is promising news for the game, because we all love side-quests, don't we? On a site note, I have updated the Game Information section for Zelda Gamecube with a updated storyline, and some of the new features.

Fan works! - Saturday June 1st - By AnakiN-
Todays update is a huge one to say the least! It took me hours to add all of the fan works that has been added today, and I hope you apreciate it! First of all, the Humour section has been updated with some new jokes that was submitted. Next, both the Fan Art and fan Fic/Poetry sections has been updated with tons of new submissions. It is to much to list all the new submissions, so I won't, but I reccomend that you visit both, because there are eight new stories and poems in the Fic/Poetry section, and the Fan Art sections has not only been revamped, but eight new artists has been added aswell!

Having trouble finding your way? - Friday May 31st - By AnakiN-
The launch of this section had been pushed back so many times I completely forgot about doing it. Today however it is finally online! What am I talking about? The sitemap of course. It is a great resource, and it will give you good insight on how to navigate through the site in an efficient way without having to spend hours looking for a specific section. The sitemap can be found under 'Database' on the left nav-bar. To end this update I just want to let all of you artist and writers out there who submitted fan art and fiction know that your work will be put up during this weekend!

The Four Swords and ZGC Video Clips - Sunday May 26th - By AnakiN-
I have managed to put together a section about the upcoming Zelda game for Gameboy Advance, The Four Swords. It is a sort of a preview of the game, together with some info and media. You can reach it by clicking on the link under 'Game Help' on the left nav-bar. I have also added 11 new videos of game footage to the Zelda Gamecube section! All of these are well worth a look! Feel free to post some messages at our very popular messageboard before you leave.

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